Back in the Saddle Again

I realize it’s been a little longer than normal since my last post.  Between C’s 3rd birthday party (which was awesome and I will share all the details with you in my next post),Baby B getting sick (awful), and school starting, things have been a little hectic, to say the least!

Not to mention that, I did it;  I took the job.  I start a week from today and I couldn’t be more nervous… or more excited.

On one hand, I am looking forward to something that is mine.  Something I get to do that isn’t all about the kids, or at least my kids.  I am excited to have something to work for and prepare for… But I am nervous about leaving Baby B.

I know, 12 hours a week is not really that much time away, but it is more time than I have ever spent away from the kids.  I know he’ll be just fine, especially since he will be with my parents and in-laws; he’s going to be so spoiled with love and attention… That makes me happy.

It also makes me happy that I will be working right next door to C’s classroom.  (And by right next door I mean, literally, right next door.  His classroom is right next to the music room.)  I like that I get to be so involved in C’s schooling and, eventually, Baby B’s too.

I know that once I get into a routine and I settle in at work, I am going to love it.  It just seems so overwhelming right now.  I want to do well, not just for me, but my boys; all three of them :)  I want them to be proud of me.  I want to be proud of me.

I will keep you posted as to how things are going.  My lesson plans are set and my classroom is in order. Now, I just need to practice.  I want to be overly prepared when I walk in next Wednesday morning.  Wish me luck!

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