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The Great Car Seat Debate: The Conclusion

The Britax Pinnacle 90 arrived this week, thus bringing a close to the great car seat debate.

If you missed Part One or Part Two of the Great Debate, here’s a quick recap. We moved my almost three-year-old’s Sunshine Kids car seat to my husband’s car since it is narrower and will take up less space in the sedan, moved the new Britax Pavilion from my husband’s car to my van for the baby, and installed the Pinnacle where the Sunshine Kids seat used to be for my big guy.  Big changes going on at our house.

It was a big move that ended up taking a lot longer than I thought it would… I ended up doing a serious deep cleaning after seeing the disgustingness (don’t think that’s really a word) that was living beneath the car seats. I swear some of those cheerios had hair!  It was gross.  A word of advice to all the new Mom’s out there: Invest in car seat seat protectors for your car.  They aren’t expensive and they really do work.

My boys have been in their respective new seats for a week now and we could not be happier. While the cleaning and the shifting of car seats took a while, the actual installation was fairly quick and painless.  I am really impressed at how sturdy the Britax seats are.  If they are installed properly, they don’t budge, which I love.  My Sunshine Kids seat always moved a little… I never liked that.  I also love how comfortable my boys are, or at least appear to be.  While safety is by far the most important aspect when buying a car seat, I think a close second has to be how comfortable they are.  My kids spend a lot of time in these seats, so I want them to be comfortable.

Britax Pinnacle 90

Our new Britax Pinnacle 90 car seat installed.

I love the Pavilion, I always did; I just get to use it a lot more since it is now in my car and my baby’s primary seat.  Now I can say, I love the Pinnacle as well.  It is awesome.  It was easy to install, easy to use, pretty to look at, and the dual cup holders (one on either side) far exceeded my expectations.  My son can keep his water cup on one side, his milk cup on the other side, and there is still space for a few cars and his sunglasses.  To be honest, I think you’d be happy with any Britax car seat. He is one happy kid.  And we all know, one happy kid equals one happy Mommy :)

*A note to people with smaller vehicles: While I love the Pinnacle and would highly recommend it, it is very large.  And by very large, I mean enormous.  It may be too large for smaller vehicles, so make sure you see it in person and do your measurements before you purchase it.

The Great Car Seat Debate Part One

So it seems my little man is not so little anymore.  At 29 inches long, he is is just an inch shy of outgrowing the height limit on his infant car seat. I admit, he seems a little squished in there lately.  While I am sad that my baby is growing up much too fast, I am also sad that the days of snapping my beloved Peg Perego into my Uppa stroller are limited. Transitioning him while he is sleeping from the car to the stroller without waking him will soon be a thing of the past.

Now, the question is, which car seat to buy next?  This is a huge dilemma seeing as there are a bunch of car seats to choose from these days.  (An exaggeration, I realize, but it certainly feels that way.)  I’ll start with what I know.

Peg Perego Viaggio

I’ve used the same Peg Perego Viaggio Sip 30/30 infant seat for both of my boys.  When I bought it three years ago, it was one of the safest on the market.  And outside of its weight, which is a couple pounds heavier than the other infant seats we looked at it, it has been an amazing purchase.  The fabric has held up nicely, it’s super easy to clean, and both of my kids were very comfortable in it. What more could you ask for?

When my older son transitioned into a convertible car seat, we went with the Sunshine Kids Radian xtsl for a few reasons.  At the time it was far and away one of the safest and sturdiest seats on the market with a reinforced, steel alloy frame.  It was also one of the narrowest seats available, which we needed if we wanted to fit two passengers, in addition to our car seat, in the back row of our compact SUV.  While the seat has held up great, I have a few complaints.  It is incredibly difficult to install; my husband has to do it for me because I get so frustrated.  And while I have mastered tightening and loosening the straps, my parents and my inlaws have a terrible time with it; not the easiest.

Before our second son was born, later last year, we purchased another convertible car seat for my husband’s car, and this time went with the Britax Pavilion 70-G3.  It is super cushy and I love the Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator that actually makes a clicking sound when the harness is appropriately snug enough; our parents especially love this feature.  I am also in love with the EZ-Buckle System that keeps the harness buckle in a forward-facing position so my son doesn’t sit on it when he gets in.  Totally genius!!  It is also incredibly safe.  Britax is definitely the tried and true when it comes to car seats.

So, now what?  Do I go with another Sunshine Kids (now Diono), another Britax, or the new Peg Perego convertible car seat?  I’ll let you know what I decide…