My Love Affair With A Glider

Best Chairs Glider

Best Chairs Glider

I have fallen in love all over again… with my glider.  Seriously. I forgot how amazing our glider is.  It had been sitting, filling space really, in my older son’s room for over a year.  When he got a little older we would use it for story time, but once he transitioned from the crib into a big boy bed that we could all fit into, we started reading in the bed instead.  Bye, bye glider.

So when the newest man in my life arrived seven months ago, we moved the glider into his room and it is once again a furniture staple in my house.  Why must we wait until we have children to enjoy the relaxing sway that only a glider can provide?  It is amazing.  An absolute must have for parents.  New, used, whatever… If you are expecting a child, invest in a glider.  Best advice I can give.  My favorite time of the day is spent in that chair, rocking, reading, even feeding.  It makes me sad to think that we won’t always use it or need it.

I remember the day we spent in Bambi Baby’s West New York showroom,  trying one glider after the next.  Do we get the less stylish, traditional one, the modern looking one, do we need an ottoman? (You need an ottoman!)  We labored over that glider.  I think we actually came back on a second day to make sure that we had made the right decision (something new parents tend to do a lot). Ultimately, we decided on a traditional Best Chairs glider because it was by far the most comfortable at the time, and because it was one of the few chairs that completely supported my head.  A lot of gliders stop short at around shoulder height, leaving your neck and head with nowhere to go.  It may not be the most stylish piece of furniture in my house, but it is by far the most comfortable. Don’t tell my husband, but I am having a love affair… with my glider.

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