The Virtual Baby Book

I wish I could say that I was one of those super creative moms who scrapbooks every event in my kids’ lives or has every milestone written down in a baby book, but I’m not.  I try.  I do have baby books, but they are pretty empty.  And as for scrapbooks; forget it.

What I do have, are pictures and videos; tons of them!  I have every milestone captured in either a photograph or on video.  Between my husband, our parents and all of our various electronic devices, we have every single moment.  It’s amazing.  So that day my son transferred from his crib to his big boy bed, I have a picture of him standing proudly on his bed. My older son’s favorite thing to do is steal my iPhone and look at all the pictures and videos of he and his little brother.  “Mommy, can I look at pictures please???”  Every day he asks me that.  So my dilemma has been what to do with it all.

First, I upload all of our pictures into corresponding month and date folders onto our computer; I do the same with our videos.  Once on our computer, I upload our photos onto a photo sharing site. (I like Shutterfly.)  These sites are great.  I can choose my favorite pictures and they will actually create photo books for me.

My favorite thing to do is our yearly calendar where I use pictures from each month in the next year’s same month, so I can see what my kids looked like then and now.  For example, in my 2014 calendar I will put pictures from June of 2013 in the collage I create for June of 2014.  Does that make sense?  Everyone in the family loves them so much; I make them for all of the grandparents now too.

Perhaps the coolest thing we do to document our boys major milestones, and even some not so major, is send them emails.  We created an email address for each one of them and we write to them.  My husband stole the idea from a Google commercial we saw over a year ago and we have been writing to them ever since.  I don’t write to them every day but I try to, at the very least, do a monthly recap for each one of them.  In fact, my older son was the first person I told when I found out I was pregnant with his little brother; I wrote him an email.

I don’t think we are going to tell them about the emails until they are much older.  My husband and I will continue to write to them throughout the years and maybe we’ll surprise them with a book of all of them at their high school graduations, or maybe when they are getting ready to have their own kids…

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