Weekly Must Have

As a stay-at-home mom of two, I come across a lot of baby products; some I like, some I hate and some I just can’t live without.  So, I’ve decided to do a weekly “must-have” baby or kids product review. This week, my can’t-live-without item is my stroller.

When my big guy was born almost three years ago, my husband and I hemmed and hawed over which stroller to get.  We lived in Hoboken right outside of New York City so as you can imagine, my stroller would be my main mode of transportation; we needed a good one.  We finally narrowed it down to two: Bugaboo vs. Uppa Baby.  Ultimately, it was the Uppa Baby basket and height that won me over. It was, and remains to this day, one of the best baby product decisions I have ever made.

Let’s start with the basket, since it is the feature that really made me happy; it’s AMAZING!  I can do a full run to the grocery store with it; no joke!  I have carried liters of soda, pineapples, milk, you name it… It holds everything and then some.  Even when it’s loaded down, it maneuvers so easily and effortlessly.  I can go over grassy hills, rocky streets, even wet, dirt roads with complete ease.

I also love all the pieces to it.  My first son slept in the bassinet for the first 6 weeks of his life. We literally rolled the stroller right up to my side of the bed and parked it at night.  Once out of the bassinet, we bought the Uppa car seat adapter which converts the stroller into the ultimate snap ‘n’ go, making it so easy to transfer from stroller to car and car to stroller without ever disturbing the baby.  Finally, the seat is so big and cozy.  It reclines, it shifts easily to face forward or back, and it folds without having to take the seat out.

I thought that once we moved to the suburbs I wouldn’t need such a heavy duty stroller, and I even bought an “umbrella” stroller to replace it with. But two kids, a house, and a minivan later, I still go back to my tried and true Uppa Baby.  I can’t seem to find anything that compares to it.  It makes my everyday mom life so much easier.  With two boys under the age of three, I LOVE anything that makes my life easier, and this stroller does.

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