Welcome to the All New Bambi Baby Blog

Welcome to Bambi Baby’s first official blog post.  With over 30 years experience selling baby products, we’ve learned a thing or two about what a baby needs.

Whether feeding, strolling, sleeping or just plain moving, our vast knowledge of products and personal experiences help parents navigate the endless sea of baby furniture and gear that today’s parents are inundated with:

  • What do I really need?
  • What should I buy?
  • What should I spend my money on?
  • Where can I cut back?
  • Where should I splurge?
  • Got any ideas for a cute nursery theme?

Whatever the question, we make it our mission to have an answer when our customers walk through our doors, visit us online, or call us directly.

In an effort to help our customers even more, we’re partnering with a real stay-at-home Mom to bring you the very best information on baby gear, furniture, nursery design, DIY projects and anything else we come across, baby related of course, that we think you might need to know.  (And some you probably don’t need to know, but we hope you enjoy anyway.)

We are so excited about this new venture!  Our mission for this blog is much like our mission statement, “we deliver everything but the baby.”

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the All New Bambi Baby Blog

    1. Sara Mason Post author

      Thank you for the encouragement! We are really excited about this new venture. Let us know if you have any ideas or baby related questions you would like to read about.


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